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Amanecer en Coroico. Oil painting on Canvas. Original Oil Painting by William Vega.Original Oil Painting on Canvas.

Amanecer en Coroico. (Sunrise in Coroico) 51x39"

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Original Oil Painting on Canvas by Artist William Vega.

Many of the original oil paintings by Master Wiliam Vega are part of Private Collections in Europe and America.

More Original oil paintings by Master William Vega are available. For more information, please, Contact the Artist. New offers will appear in this page as they are available. Please, Bookmark this page for future reference.



Original Oil Paintings on Canvas by Maria Cabrera-Macias


Original Oil Paintings. Guajiros by Maria Cabrera-Macias

Guajiros de Pinar del Rio. (Tobacco Culture). 22x28"

Price: $ 15,000.00

Original Oil Painting on Canvas by Artist Maria Cabrera-Macias.



Painting Story Cuban tobacco culture from the early 1900s is the theme for this oil painting by artist Maria Cabrera-Macias.

Tobacco was first used by the peoples of the pre-Columbian Americas. Native Americans apparently cultivated the plant and smoked it in pipes for medicinal and ceremonial purposes.

Christopher Columbus brought a few tobacco leaves and seeds with him back to Europe, but most Europeans didn't get their first taste of tobacco until the mid-16th century, when France's diplomat Jean Nicot -- for whom nicotine is named -- began to popularize its use. Tobacco was introduced to France in 1556, Portugal in 1558, Spain in 1559, and England in 1565.

In Cuba, the province of Pinar del Rio is famous for its tobacco plantations at the "Vuelta Abajo" zone since the late 1500s. Cuban cigars have been worldwide recognized for their quality for almost 4 centuries.



Most of Maria's Original Oil Paintings belong to Private Collections in U.S., Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Switzerland and Venezuela.


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